Cleaning of a heat recovery ventilation system

A heat recovery ventilation (HRV) system extracts stale air and brings in fresh air. Regular maintenance of the HRV system ensures good air quality. Keep reading to discover why cleaning a HRV ventilation system is necessary.

Why should an HRV system be cleaned?

Heat recovery ventilation ensures the extraction of polluted air from your home while also introducing clean air. The introduced air is preheated by the air being extracted from the house. The heat exchanger in the HRV unit maximizes efficiency by utilizing the heat from the extracted air.


Optimal air intake and extraction can only be achieved if the system is maintained. Dust particles and bacteria accumulate in the unit and air ducts, and the valves also become dirty. This results in polluted air, mold formation, and moisture being blown into your home. By cleaning the HRV ventilation system, you benefit from the following advantages:

  • Clean air
  • Optimal extraction capacity
  • Reduced noise from the unit
  • Optimal balance between air extraction and intake
  • Continued proper functioning of the system
  • Resolution of any issues
  • Reduced energy consumption for a clean system
  • Healthier living environment


The latter is particularly important. Moisture and mold are prevented, thereby avoiding complaints such as allergic reactions, respiratory problems, and headaches.

Maintaining an HRV system

What does maintaining the HRV ventilation system involve? The following components are addressed during maintenance:

  1. Setting the system to the highest setting and performing a zero measurement.
  2. Removing and cleaning all exhaust valves per household.
  3. Closing off and cleaning all exhaust ducts.
  4. Removing and cleaning all intake valves per household.
  5. Re-adjusting and reinstalling all ventilation valves.
  6. Cleaning the heat exchanger, motors, and checking the condensate drain.
  7. Brushing clean the supply and return ducts exiting the home.
  8. After everything is cleaned and reinstalled, measuring the function and balance of the exhaust and intake valves per household using a measurement report.


Major maintenance for HRV: €175.00 excluding travel costs.


Minor maintenance of the unit, including filter replacement: €105.00 excluding travel costs.


We also offer various service subscriptions to ensure a well-maintained HRV system and thus a healthy indoor climate. For further information, please visit our rates page.


Ventilatie Service Nederland carries out this task professionally.


Regular cleaning of the HRV
The filters of the HRV system need to be cleaned regularly. But how often should this be done? This varies depending on the system and component. The filters get dirty quickly and should be replaced annually (sometimes more frequently). Major maintenance should be scheduled every three years. Yearly maintenance of the unit will reduce unnecessary wear and tear.


We’re happy to visit you
Would you like to have your HRV ventilation system cleaned? We’d be happy to visit you. Easily schedule an appointment with an installer. If you want to replace your current system, VSN will first come for an inspection. In consultation with you, we’ll explore the possibilities regarding replacement. You will then receive a customized quote from VSN.


Price increase will be implemented evenly with the supplier’s price increase as of July 1, 2021.

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