VvE’s or Housing Associations

Housing associations, Homeowners’ Associations (HOAs), and other commercial clients

VSN collaborates with housing associations, HOAs, installation companies, and other commercial clients. VSN maintains ventilation systems in various apartment buildings, hotels, and childcare centers. VSN regularly cleans the ventilation units and ducts in the apartments, and subsequently, if present, cleans or replaces the roof fans/ducts with new, more energy-efficient roof fans. Large projects involving multiple homes require good cooperation between VSN and the client.

For information or price estimates regarding maintenance projects or renovation projects, feel free to contact us for a suitable quote or bid.

Prior to such large projects, VSN schedules a non-binding inspection appointment. In consultation with the client, we explore the possibilities and preferences. During an inspection, we also assess whether the current ventilation systems are still functioning properly or are in need of replacement. VSN frequently handles a combination of residential homes and roof fans, which is also our specialty. After the inspection visit, you will receive a detailed quote from VSN, entirely tailored to your needs.


Work schedules are established in collaboration with VSN or the client. All digital work orders containing measurement data are sent to the client via email.


If the project involves a combination of residential and commercial properties, we can break down the costs using our invoicing system, providing a clear overview of expenses and any additional materials used.


We also engage external companies if the ventilation work needs to be combined with other tasks outside our scope, such as sewer or roofing work.


For large projects, we deploy multiple technicians to ensure smooth operations. Ideally, schedules run consecutively over the course of a week or several weeks. The number of homes that can be serviced per day varies depending on the project and specific tasks. In some projects, VSN prefers technicians to stay overnight in the region to limit working hours and travel costs. This will always be included in the quote.

Roof fans

Zehnder Roof Fans
Roof Fans for (Stacked) Residential Buildings / Commercial and School Buildings.
Are you in need of roof fans for (stacked) residential buildings or commercial purposes? Zehnder offers a wide range of roof fans, including the VPM roof fans with horizontal discharge, the MX series, and the most recent VDX series.


The MX roof fan incorporates several advanced technologies. By utilizing direct current motors in combination with specially developed electronics, it not only achieves significant energy savings but also provides an unprecedented range of control options. The MX can be equipped with pressure regulation, indicated by the addition of ZMV. The VDX is designed for easy integration into existing situations where VDA roof fans need to be replaced.


Itho Daalderop Roof Ventilation
The CAS 3 series is the latest generation of roof fans suitable for various applications. It introduces a new range with several distinctive features, ensuring quick installation and high maintenance-friendliness. It serves as an ideal solution for collective ventilation in stacked residential buildings and commercial spaces such as warehouses or office buildings. This collective duct is connected to the roof fan, which facilitates the expulsion of ventilation air to the exterior.

Current clients

Homeowners’ Associations (VvE) who have granted permission for their names to be listed on the website:

  • VvE Gravehof in Deventer
  • VvE Havenkwartier Building III in Oud Beijerland
  • FB Real Estate
  • VvE Wijste Linneaus in Amsterdam
  • VvE Robijnstraat 2-30 in Alkmaar
  • VvE Boven de Bieb in Krommenie
  • VvE Apartment Building Westeria Block C in Amersfoort
  • VvE Muiderburght in Almere
  • VvE Poorthoven 1 in Bilthoven
  • VvE De Regentes in Grootebroek
  • Munnik VvE Management
  • VvE Poortwacht 54-69 (Chaos) in Leiderdorp
  • VvE Nieuwe Teertuinen 11-14 in Amsterdam
  • MeerWonen Foundation in Roelofarendsveen
  • VvE Kerkemaat in Bunschoten


Above-mentioned companies are among our current clients.

Industries we are active in:

  • Homeowners’ associations (VvE)
  • VvE Management companies
  • Housing associations
  • Daycare centers
  • Hotels
  • Installation companies

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