What is mechanical ventilation?

Mechanical ventilation is the air control system that ensures the removal of, among other things, moist and contaminated air from areas such as the bathroom, kitchen, or toilet. The supply of fresh air is drawn in through air vents in the home. It is important to keep the mechanical ventilation system on at all times. The three-position switch, often mounted in the kitchen and/or bathroom, allows you to choose between low, medium, and high settings.
A mechanical extraction system removes used, moist air (even in the lowest setting).

  1. Low: When you are not at home;
  2. Medium: When you are at home, also use this setting at night;
  3. High: When showering, cooking, cleaning, doing DIY work, or when you have visitors.

In the highest setting, moist and contaminated air is removed outside as much and as quickly as possible.
To ensure that your mechanical ventilation continues to work properly and to prevent malfunctions, we recommend having your system well maintained once every three years (maximum).

Proper maintenance prevents loss of capacity and unnecessary wear and tear.

Before: Cleaned mechanical ventilation housing

After: Contaminated mechanical ventilation housing

Ventilation ducts and air extraction

The fan (box) is often mounted in the attic or in the central heating room. Through metal ventilation ducts, air is extracted from, for example, the bathroom, toilet, and kitchen. In the kitchen, air is extracted through a motorless extractor hood and/or through an extraction unit. The amount of air that needs to be extracted is legally determined in the building regulations. In a toilet, it is 25 m³ per hour, in a bathroom 50 m³ per hour, and in a kitchen 75 m³ per hour or 125 m³ per hour in an open kitchen.

These standards are set so that an optimal indoor climate is achieved with the lowest possible energy consumption. If your ventilation system is not obstructed by contamination, moisture and unpleasant odors are removed within a reasonable period. In practice, however, it has been shown that after about 2 years, contamination causes a capacity loss of 20-30%.

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