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Our Approach

We utilize rotating brushes that are inserted into the ducts through a flexible hose. The rotating brush loosens all the dirt in the ducts.
To remove the loosened dirt, a powerful suction system is connected to the ventilation box, which immediately sucks away all the dirt, leaving the ducts completely clean.
This method ensures that you can enjoy a properly functioning ventilation system and a healthy indoor climate.

The advantages of cleaning with rotating brushes are:

  • Quick results
  • Professional cleaning
  • Removes all dirt from the ducts

When using rotating brushes, it is crucial to ensure that no cables/electrical wiring from sources such as solar panels/internet have been pulled through the ventilation ducts.
If this is the case, we will discuss how and whether these ducts can be cleaned.
During a mechanical ventilation cleaning, it is necessary to clean the entire system, including the unit/motor and the entire duct system.

If only the unit is cleaned, the dirt present in the ducts will quickly dirty the unit/motor again. That’s why we only perform a complete cleaning for optimal results.

Complete major maintenance for mechanical ventilation:

Measuring the current function of the system, “zero measurement”
Removing all existing exhaust valves
Closing all openings to prevent dust formation, using sponges
Cleaning all existing ventilation ducts using the rotating brush

Cleaning the ventilation unit and its associated motor
Cleaning the roof duct to the outside
Cleaning the ventilation valves located in the home (possibly replacing the foam rings). After everything is cleaned, the function and adjustment of the ventilation system are measured again (final measurement with measurement report, digital). We conduct measurements using calibrated measuring equipment.
If it appears that parts need to be replaced, this will be done in consultation with you. You can also choose to replace valves.

The complete cleaning of a ventilation system takes a maximum of 1.5 hours.
We perform the above work for € 117.50 including VAT, excluding travel costs and any materials.

We also offer various service subscriptions to ensure you have a well-maintained ventilation system and therefore a healthy indoor climate. For further information, please refer to our rates page.

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