Cleaning the ventilation system

How to clean a ventilation system? In this article, you’ll learn why cleaning a ventilation system is important. You’ll also discover how our professionals tackle this task. Some components can be easily cleaned by yourself. It’s important to know what to look for to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Cleaning the ventilation ducts of the system

Cleaning the ventilation ducts of the ventilation system is an important task. The ducts are necessary for transporting air. This happens day and night; ventilation is always ongoing. The air ducts need to be cleaned occasionally to remove bacteria and used air.


When should the ventilation ducts be cleaned?
Cleaning the air ducts should be done regularly. The ducts transport a lot of air. The polluted air particles sucked into the ducts contain a lot of dust and bacteria. Over time, the dirt will accumulate in the ventilation duct. The layer becomes thicker and thicker. The air flows less smoothly through the system, and the capacity of the fan decreases.


The result? The pressure in the ventilation duct increases, causing the fan to run faster. This can be annoying and cause noise pollution. The system has to work so hard that it produces a lot of noise. The bacteria that accumulate in the system are very harmful to your health. You may experience the following health problems:

  1. Headaches
  2. Shortness of breath
  3. Coughing
  4. Allergic reactions


How often should the ventilation system be cleaned exactly? Once every three to four years is sufficient. However, the system should be inspected more frequently. The inspector checks if everything is still working properly and adjusts the system if necessary.

We clean the ventilation ducts for you

Our installers professionally clean your ventilation ducts. With the help of a rotating brush, they are thoroughly cleaned. The rotating brush ensures that the entire duct is cleaned properly. Any remaining dirt is removed with a vacuum cleaner. Sometimes we use a different technique, depending on the type of ventilation duct.


Cleaning the ventilation system itself
It’s important to ensure that a ventilation system is clean. This allows air to flow through the air ducts properly. The components you can clean yourself are the air vents. Since the polluted air is sucked past these vents, they quickly become dirty. Clean them with a brush and soak them in a solution. Make sure you know the position of the air vents when you remove them from the system. The position is important for the correct adjustment of the ventilation system.


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