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Replacing or maintaining a ventilation system

Maintaining a ventilation system is essential. The system removes used, old, and humid air 24 hours a day. You don’t have to worry about it. However, it’s wise to have ventilation systems regularly maintained. If you don’t do this, the ventilation system will eventually not work optimally. The air is not as clean as you might think. This can have unpleasant consequences. Read on to learn more about maintaining or replacing a ventilation system.

Maintenance of a ventilation system

A maintenance service is carried out by our staff professionally and meticulously. During the comprehensive service for your system, the following tasks are performed:

  1. An initial measurement is taken to assess the system’s status.
  2. All vents are removed, and the ventilation holes are sealed before all ventilation ducts are cleaned.
  3. The ventilation unit and its motor are cleaned.
  4. The air vents and roof vents are cleaned.
  5. Once everything is cleaned, the vents are reinstalled, and the system is put back into operation.
  6. Finally, a final measurement is taken to check the adjustment of the fan and vents, and they are adjusted if necessary.


Cost of cleaning ventilation system
The cleaning of the mechanical ventilation system at Ventilation Service Netherlands takes a maximum of 1.5 hours. This maintenance service starts from € 117.50 including VAT. View all our rates so you know what to expect. Make an appointment with our professionals and have your ventilation system cleaned without obligation.

Replacing the ventilation system

Modern ventilation systems are very energy-efficient. Therefore, it may be wise to eventually replace your mechanical ventilation box. The older one no longer works as well as before, providing less clean air in your home. The old model consumes much more energy than the newer models. The difference in energy consumption between an old model with an alternating current motor compared to a new system with a direct current motor can be as much as €80 per year. A new ventilation box ensures cleaner air and lower costs.


Does your mechanical ventilation system make a lot of noise? Is it no longer extracting air as effectively? Then it’s time to replace your ventilation box. If the system is older than 15 years, we also recommend replacing the ventilation box.


Ventilation Service Netherlands replaces your ventilation box
Let our experienced installers replace your old ventilation box. The old unit is removed quickly and accurately, and you’ll receive a high-quality replacement box. The system operates quietly and does what it’s supposed to do. You’ll have a healthy living environment, reducing health risks. Allergic reactions and headaches can decrease or disappear. That’s the difference a new ventilation box can make.


Make the most of the modern ventilation boxMake the most of the modern ventilation box
A new ventilation box quickly yields benefits. Have the air ducts of the system cleaned at the same time to get the most out of the new box. The combination of a new ventilation box and clean air ducts ensures optimal capacity. Get well-informed about your current ventilation box and the benefits of renewing it. Our staff will provide you with advice on the options without obligation.


Make an appointment online
Of course, you can also schedule an appointment right away. You can easily arrange this online. We’ll visit you for a maintenance service, a comprehensive cleaning, and, of course, for renewing the ventilation system.

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