Maintenance of Mechanical Ventilation

Cleaning mechanical ventilation systems may seem like a lot of work and maintenance, but fortunately, it’s quite manageable. The ventilation system doesn’t require heavy maintenance. Regularly cleaning the vents, and in the case of a heat recovery ventilation (HRV) system, the filters, is all that needs to be done. We’ll explain why this is necessary and how we do it in this article.

Why should you clean your mechanical ventilation system?

Cleaning your mechanical ventilation system is necessary because it removes humid, used air, while fresh outside air is automatically brought in through window vents. This constant supply and exhaust are optimally set up, ensuring optimal air quality in your home. If the system becomes clogged, the mechanical ventilator cannot achieve the same results, and air movement becomes less effective.


The result of this blockage can lead to health problems. The indoor air quality decreases, which can cause various ailments that you didn’t have before. Headaches, fatigue, and allergies can occur. This is quite bothersome! By occasionally cleaning the mechanical ventilation system, you can easily prevent this problem.

When should the mechanical ventilation be cleaned?

By ‘regularly,’ we don’t mean monthly or even yearly. Having the mechanical ventilation cleaned every three to four years is sufficient. By signing a maintenance contract, you can ensure this. The system will be inspected on time, and the indoor air quality will remain optimal.


During a maintenance service, we perform the following tasks:

  1. A preliminary measurement is taken to assess the system’s status.
  2. All vents are removed, and the ventilation holes are sealed before all ventilation ducts are cleaned.
  3. The ventilation unit and its motor are cleaned.
  4. The air vents and the roof vent are cleaned.
  5. Once everything is cleaned, the vents are reinstalled, and the system is put back into operation.
  6. Finally, a final measurement is taken to check the adjustment of the fan and vents and make any necessary adjustments.


Cleaning Ccost of the ventilation system
Cleaning the mechanical ventilation system at Ventilatie Service Nederland takes a maximum of 1.5 hours. This maintenance service costs €105, including VAT. Check out all our rates so you know what to expect. Feel free to make an appointment with our professionals and have your ventilation system cleaned.

Cleaning the mechanical ventilation system yourself?

In some cases, this is possible. If you have a Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) system, cleaning it is not so difficult. In the HRV system, there are filters that you can clean using a vacuum cleaner. You can also clean the air vents yourself. You remove them from the wall and place them in a basin with cleaning solution. Be careful when handling them; if something breaks, you may still incur costs.


However, HRV systems are not suitable for self-cleaning. It’s best to leave the disassembly of this system to us. The same applies to cleaning the ventilation ducts. Feel free to contact us and find out what we can do for you.

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